Services offered

Our patients are not only „classic" pet animals like dogs and cats but we also have lots of other pets such as rodents (guinea pigs, fancy mice, gerbils, chinchillas etc.), rabbits, ferrets, birds or reptiles visiting us. From time to time we even have quite unusual patients like goats and sheep or people will bring wounded or orphaned non domesticated animals and birds to our clinic. It is one of our basic understandings, that every animal, no matter what size it is, has to be treated with exactly the same special amount of care, we are able to offer. Every life is precious!

Apart from medical examination and treatment we offer a broad range of
diagnostic and therapeutic service.

Clinical pathology (in our own and also in other officially recognized laboratories)

Dental treatment periodontitis treatment, calcalus removal


Dietetically consultation and sale of pet-food


Euthanasia according to animal welfare laws


Marking your pet (microchip, pet registration, tattooing)

Medical imaging endoscopy, ultrasound, x-ray


Perinatology – Gestation examination


Surgery abdominal surgery, castration, soft part surgery

Travel preparations (issuing of health certificates, implanting of microchips)

Veterinary medication

We are anxious to enhance the services offered through frequent additional vocational education and acquisition of new technologies.